“He that holds the bag sins just as much as he who puts into the bag”

“He who holds the ladder is as guilty as the thief that climbs in the window”



“When the world is at the worst Christians should be at their best”

“If you stop every time a dog barks your road will never end”



“A good example is the best sermon”

“What can’t be done by advice can often be done by example”



“To know the road ahead ask those coming back”



“When the need is highest, God is Nighest”

“God promise a safe landing but not a calm passage”



” If you chase two rabbits one will escape you”

“Never try to catch two frogs in one hand”

“Two watermelons cannot be held under one arm”

“He who seeks more than he needs hinders himself from enjoying what he already has.”



“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”



“It’s useless to put the best foot forward and then drag the other”