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Forgiveness? An 11 letter word with soooo much meaning & purpose to it but yet so difficult for people to do. Forgiveness where are you? Please reveal yourself in my time of need! Throughout this journey I stumbled, lost my way experienced different things. As I sat there alone in darkness I heard a soft voice…”it is time”, as I look around in bewilderment. This voice I heard before but it wasn’t like any other. I gathered up my things and headed on my journey. I didn’t know where I was headed to but this dwelling light inside of me brighten my path and showed me the way, as I walked, I spoke to myself, “I been here before”. “I know where I’m going”. But before I can even gather any more thoughts I was already at the gate. I knocked, as I took a deep breath, I said to myself. “It’s been too many times, I’m not worthy anymore I’m not” (pause)

God: Who goes there?

Me: It’s me again

As the gates opened, I began to PLEAD MY CASE

Me: Lord, I know I strayed away from your forgiveness I regret straddling between you and the world, Lord its me I know its been times I disobeyed your word lord I know I slipped out of your will but with every slip, few ended up with a fall. Lord I knew it was your grace that lifted me back on my feet. But why I ask? Me deserving of all this mercy you present to me? Fix me, renew me, I can’t run anymore I am weak in my flesh pour out your strength upon me! I knew it was your voice calling I tried to ignore it but my spirit refused to take any more. For your glory I’ll do anything lord my heart is crying for you Lord! I’m desperate for your favor. Please find favor in me.

GOD: I tell you to look to your left because there in that sea over there is where your sins were left. It’s not just any sea but the sea of forgetfulness never to be acknowledged again. For I will be merciful to your iniquities and I will remember your sins no more. When you called upon me I was ready to forgive you my child and abundant in loving kindness, come now, let us reason together through your sins are as scarlet, they’ll be white as snow, though they were red like crimson they’ll be as wool.

I say unto you release that burden that on your shoulders. I say to you leave behind that baggage that you carry with you. I say unto you! Release that doubt that has filled your mind. And I say unto you my child. Let go of that loneness, that heart ache, the pain, that feeling of emptiness and replace it with me. Seek first the Kingdom of God and I shall add all these things unto you.

Me: I want to be where you are I have to be where you are lord, who knew I was so deserving of your grace & mercy (as I dropped to my knees)

I thank you lord for all you’ve done for me knowing and unknowing. But I still have one question…are you not omniscient? You know all before it is even thought of, you knew I was coming, you knew it was me at the gates, but yet you asked who goes there? Why?

GOD: You’re right I knew, I just needed you to identify who you are…now stand to your feet…sit straight…be bold…child get up! And identify who you are. I say unto you arise & identify what I have promise the children of God and those who may seek me… now who are you?

Me: I am what you say that I am, a child of God, I can do all things through Christ, I’m more than a conqueror, I’m created in the image of you, I am your workmanship, I am who you called me to be and for that thanks be to my God who gives me victory through my Lord Jesus

But wait…. I hear the sound of metal collapsing, I hear the sound of whips and I hear the lashing, Lord I feel this rush of blood flowing through my limbs, Lord just one more question what is this?

GOD: Child, that metal sound is your chains being broken, that lashing noise you hear, It’s because by my stripes you are healed. That rush through out your limbs you feel, It is me feeling you with the blood of the lamb, now enter in my child.

(As I cried tears of joy)

Lord wait you seem to have forgotten something. My shoes they are filled with stones, dirt, and  have residue of the world underneath them

God: Forget? I let it stay there as a reminder so you can know where I brought you from and what you endured to get to this point. Restoration and manifestation is in your favor.

Me: but..,

God:  No more all is forgiven you’re back home where you my child belongs.



-Cherlene Forshee-


Cherlene Forshee