Come out where ever you are! Many sermons has been preached giving a clarion call for backsliders to come back to God and sinners to come to Jesus but apart from these important invitations there’s a group called the Remnant of God. A Remnant is left over amount from a larger portion of piece, whether it is food, material from which a garment is fashioned, or even a group of people, although remnants could be looked upon as worthless scraps, and many times are, God assigned high value to those of his people whom he had set aside for Holy purposes those he called and labeled as Remnants of the Lord those who are familiar with the former move and anointing of the Holy ghost. The Saints that have been taught and trained to try the spirit by the spirit, to fast intercede and pray until you get your break through Individuals that refuse to settle for brass in the place of gold. There are some old school old church leftovers, leftover to bring the church back to her purpose. Dancing in the spirit, Holy Ghost foot stomping hand clapping and tongue talking power. Where are the leftover believers that God has set aside for this hour? I am calling you out wherever you are. You have been wandering from place to place looking and searching for the unadulterated gospel preached without compromised. Some weary others wounded, some disappointed and sad. God is calling you to the Next Level to take your life from Glory to Glory and make your heart glad. “You are the Remnant the leftover but NOT the left out”. It’s your time come work in the vineyard and what ever is right He will pay.

John 9:4 (KJV) I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.


-Bishop G.E. Forshee-